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Employee satisfaction's facts to help keep your best staff

admin September 07, 2015

Finding the right people for your manpower demand is big problem. In addition, how to keep the best ones of them is a question for many HR managers and employers. Let's find some interesting facts about employee satisfaction to get the ideas to keep the best employees.

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A new survey was organized by linkedIn and the Adler Group opening for us some fascinating facts about what will make an employee want to stay longer in your company varied by country, age and sex.

1. How many people satisfy with their job?

Across the 18,000 employees in 26 countries that were asked, 72% actually feel somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs, 14% neutral, and only 14% dissatisfied, but surprisingly are most of them (85%) still consider a career change.


It's estimated that about 85% of employees consider a careeer change

2. Which elements are key determinant factors for a candidate accepts a job offer?

Standing out in all the list factors, top 3 motivators for an employee are:

Conversely, people don’t seem to care in these conditions in a new job:

  •  Job title.
  • Office location.
  •  Relationship with managers.


 This result has a few differences according to age:

  •  Millennials find compensation to be the most important while they are less attracted by work-life balance. Male millennials are not interested in having a poor relationship with their managers comparing to millennial women.
  •  Professionals who over 40 are dramatically less concerned with money and more interested in a good lifestyle. They are also interested in opportunities for advancement and job titles declines with age.


What this all means for HR and talent professionals?

1. Don’t ignore passive candidates.

Maybe they make you feel like they are not interested in a job offer. But if you don’t reach out, you’ll never know.

2. Don’t take it easy on your employees.

You think your staff have been already happy about their job and created a good result, but satisfaction doesn’t mean desire for stagnation. What will you do or what are you doing to boost their productivity, encourage them to learn, grow and more important: stay committed.

3. Discover what motivates a candidate?


These facts above might provide some guidance for you at first, but you also need to find out your own because every field and occupation has their own features. Listen and watch for cues on their profile and in conversations. If you do, maybe the job you offer will be the one they end up loving.


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