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How to develop leadership skills (Part 2)

admin February 13, 2015

In earlier post, we are figuring out the way to wake up and develop your leadership skills. Today, we will continue to reveal the secrets.

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4. Motivating skill
Encourage people
A good leader has the ability to inspire, motivate and energize for employees. As a mentor, leader has to focus on bringing the best thing for everyone, develop their talents and encourage them to take the initiative and evaluation.
Praise the success
Quickly praise, congratulation and thank the staffs for contributing to the work will help you keep their loyalty. When something happens, do not ever criticize an employee in front of people. Let's do it discreetly and constructive, unless you are intending to dismiss them.
Stand behind your employees
Being a leader does not mean people will follow you. You need to show that you are on their back. Understanding the needs of employees, whether it's training to improve skills, new technology or changes in duties, you always ready to provide. You can succeed, but it is important that you act in ways that support them.
Willing to help
Point out that you understand their challenges, even when you do not have experience in their work. You will be able to understand the desires and do what makes sense if you update and access to their jobs and responsibilities.
5. Responsibility
Accept responsibility
If you give an incorrectly project information, leading to mistakes of staff, apologize and fix it. Whose fault is not important at this point but facing with a responsible manner.
Resolving the problem
As a leader, you will have to make difficult decisions. You need to manage conflict and help people accept the changes. Communication is the key to solve this problem. If you are responsible for the work, duty and your employees, you will find innovative ways to deal with it.
Always show the ability to complete your work with people. Be fair and not to be overwhelmed by personal opinion. Maintain a positive attitude no matter what the problems are.
6. Integrity
Make the right choice.
When you are facing with a decision that goes against the values of your own, please speak up. If you are asked to do something illegal or unethical, refuse it. Stand up on your feet for yourself and for the rights of employees and the organization.
When you promise something, be respectful for the words. If you cannot keep it, do not promise anything. Making a mistake, admit and apologize. This will create the impression for managers, customers and your colleagues that you are an honest person.
Avoid gossiping
Do not expand the rumors or reassemble unimportant stories about others. Respect for others, you will avoid creating opportunities for people to gossip about you.
Try as best as you can
Always use the best ability and skills for any jobs you do, you will receive the admiration and respect of others by your sincerity.
Innate leadership
Leadership does not go along with the title of Director, Manager or Team Leader. It is a continuous learning process. Ask questions, observe carefully and evaluate the use of your resources on a regular basis, your strengths, talents and acumen.
If you are seen as a natural leader, accept the compliment. That means you have developed personalities and special talents to inspire others to follow you. You understand the vision, confidence, human connection skills, motivation, responsibility and integrity.

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