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Looking for talent – Stop looking at degrees!

admin February 21, 2023

Looking for talent – Stop looking at degrees! Was the decision correct, wise, or made a mistake?

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If not looking at qualifications, what should employers look at in candidates to really find real talent in both online and offline resumes?

It is a fact that many students graduate with a diploma in hand, but their knowledge is not solid enough and their capacity has not met the requirements of employers. There are others, many very talented candidates, with good work experience and skills, but have never graduated from university. Thus, just looking at degrees and academic performance on paper to evaluate candidates is somewhat incorrect.

Recruitment in each company needs more investment, what else should employers look for in candidates?

5 other things in candidates, employers should look at and evaluate instead of just looking at qualifications and academic performance.

1. Exploit the problems that the candidate has solved

To see if a candidate is good, look at the problems they have solved! A good problem solver will most likely be a good employee. When interviewing, employers should ask potential candidates to share about specific difficulties and challenges that they have overcome or how they have solved it? Thereby, you will see how candidates face reality with problems in life. and you will understand which challenges are really important to them.

2. Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Employers ask candidates to share how they learn from constructive criticism from others, when necessary, how they will give negative feedback? These tell us how they manage their emotions, whether their emotions prevent them from learning from their mistakes, or how they interact with those around them.

3. Find the ability to think positively about all problems

Candidates who are always interested in learning from experience, even if it is not a good experience, will contribute a lot to the recruiting company.

If candidates just always remember and talk about negative things, it's easy for them to think negatively about your company, no matter how great things are.

Looking for talent – Stop looking at degrees!

4. Look at the candidate's bio

A company with a diverse recruitment history will recruit many employees with different perspectives, avoiding collective and one-sided thinking. The diversity here can be gender, skin color, origin, or people from many different places, going through different adulthood, with different experiences. A team that brings together such diverse people will bring many unexpected creative solutions.

5. Seek work experience in different positions than the one you are applying for

Those with long-term experience in a certain position or field will often have more advantages. However, people who work in many different positions are often more flexible, have more perspectives. Maybe employees within the company are also looking for a change or have the right skills for the position they are recruiting for. Such employees are more willing to take on many different positions in the future if necessary.

And you, do you think traditional academic qualifications are still necessary in future recruitment? Or should recruitment companies consider other factors?

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