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Vietnam and Vietnamese People Characteristics (part 1)

admin May 30, 2015

Characteristic of employee has a big impact in workforce management of each company or organization. Knowing characteristics of the employee also plays a key role in human resources management. In the era of international integration, multicultural workforce is becoming common. So, to have a better HR management, it is necessary to know deeply about the culture and the typical and common traits of people from the nation you recruit.

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As the leading unit in recruitment service from Vietnam, Vietnam Manpower will share some common traits of Vietnamese workforce with the ones who have been recruiting or planning to recruit workers from Vietnam.

This will become a series, and you should subscribe to get it every last Saturday of each month

Part One



Vietnam Workforce- a Young Workforce "60 % of Vietnamese people is under 30 years old"


Today, the number of people who can communiate by English increases much. So, you should not worry about the English Speaking Requirement when you have demand of Vietnamese Candidates.



There are many ethnic groups in Vietnam, the number up to 54 but the Kinh or Viet  accounts for the largest part.



It is a suprise to a lot of our that many people have no religion in their ID Card. Actually, most of people belived in Buddha and the law of Cause and Effect but it is not shown formally in personal document.



"Nguyen" is the most commom surname of Vietnamese People. You should also note it.



 We are proud of being in the group of the most honest, friendly and helpful people in the world


teamwork of vietnamese people

Teamwork- A Valualbe characteristic required for any work.

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