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What if Your Employees Get Bored at Work?

admin June 23, 2015

Learn more about powerful techniques to detect bored employees and necessary solutions to manpower motivation!

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There will be some time in the career life one becomes bored at work. The tedious, long-winded list of tasks he has been doing for days, weeks, months sometime makes him sick. Such work repetition often earns him boredom. Work boredom can also be because of the working environment, coworkers who are annoying or bad hearted, lack of motivation, fewer chances of job advancement, etc. The result is that the employee is often seen to drowsy, yawn, be less engaged in company activities, shows lower job performances, to name a few. Undoubtedly, manpower critically contributes to the company success; each of employees is just like an indispensable part of the whole business body. Just imagine that one worker is tired of his job, which negatively affects not only his work productivity but also others’ working spirit. That is why, as a wise employer, you should be quick to realize your employee’s changes in working attitude and performances, approach him/ her, heartedly listen to his/ her shares and fix the problem as effectively.

4 powerful techniques to detect boredom:

1. Noticeable change(s) in daily routine


A reduction in productivity is an obvious early sign that something is up. Still, what you should notice is any change in your employee’s routine. Give higher snark? Later show up at work? Take unexpected vacation? Earlier come home for work? Anything extraordinary and you are not familiar with. This change may be due to boredom though, its root cause is under a question that you should try to find the answer and initiate countermeasures.

2. You ask him, “Are you bored?”

It is a good question to ask your team randomly. When you ask, just look him straight in the eyes. And if he can not stare you in the face and answer, you will keep digging until he looks you in the eye. Remember that the goal here is to discover his boredom before he knows it, and the act of a simple question may be the metal impetus he needs to see the early signs in himself.

3. More communication with employees

As their superior, you may find your employees difficult to share what they thought and felt with you. Instead, they prefer to open their heart with their coworkers. Then why not you approach them first like a sincere friend? Turn up earlier at work and talk with them about weather, meals, etc., or have some small chat at work breaks. That way, you can detect whether there is anything not ordinary with them.

4. He tells you, and you attentively listen.

If your employees take initiatives to unveil that they are bored at work, that is good. At least, you will find it easier to detect their problems and have peace of mind that they trust in you for some solutions to their boredom. Just listen to them with your most sincere heart.


How to deal with bored employees?

5 ways to get your bored workers excited about work again

 ►. Ask them what they want to do

There is high possibility that your employee was not happy with your task assignment, but he accepted and tried to complete them for the company sake. You know, when you work for the company sake, you will soon get tired of it. By contrast, when you work for your own sake, you will be more engaged at work and bring more values to the company. Then it would be the best if you ask your employee what they want to do, what they want to learn, and what is their work vision.

 ►. Give new challenges: It’s your smartest employee who become bored most quickly, then ensure that you are feeding his brain by offering new opportunity and project for him.

 ►.  Allow for flexible time: One of the reasons that drives your employee nuts is the expectation that he sits on the office 8 hours/ day, Monday through Saturday in spite of precious little thing for him to do. This may make him fume. If you really can’t give enough work to keep him busy but need keep him on staff nevertheless, then consider allowing him to have a five-day work-week or work from home at least part of the time.

 ►. Think outside of the box: Does your worker possess a skill you are not effectively using? Then why not make best use of it rather than having him do what beyond his capability? For instance, your employee likes to stay in the background instead of being a standout. She finds it rather difficult to naturally and fluently communicate with (also, offer customer services), and is more engaged in doing research. Her analysis, critical thinking and writing skills are truly one of a kind. So don’t waste such a talent in research!


 ►. Offer training: Perhaps your bored workers have been just outgrowing his job. Discover what he is interested in doing now, and fit it with the on-the-job training. If your enterprise doesn’t give internal training, consider giving him some time-off  during the working day to take seminars or classes.

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