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What kinds of employees could be fired easily?

admin July 04, 2015

In the fierce competition in the business world, no one is allowed to make a mistake. Each company needs to own a perfect team because only a scabby sheep is enough to spoil the whole flock

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Under the market pressure, as a manager, you cannot retain that kind of employees, even they used to a star in your company. Below are the typical cases:

1. Addicted to the social network.

With the popular of social media and modern means of communication, almost every staff has their own facebook page as well as Twitter, skype ID, etc, which makes a huge impact to the officer. Of course, the clearly benefit not only is the important role in the business but also improve the network relationship. However, for those who spend too much time for chatting or accessing facebook, they need to be in the “red list”.


2. Acting bossy.

The major features of these people are usually avoid working, hide the mission or always say “it’s not my job” if they are offered to help. However, this does not stop them from directing others, requiring people to follow their idea. “Words speak louder than action”, showing as they know everything is the most-hated type of people in the work environment. But you need to distinguish them with the real leaders.

3. The gossip group

This kind exists in all the companies. They love the idle tittle-tattle about the relationships, their peers. A half of their mind is to work, the other half is to pry what clothes this girl is wearing today, how that boy act. Those people totally could lose the spirit of solidarity within the company, so do not hesitate to dismiss them.


4. Underqualified for work

How much money do you waste each month to pay for your employees? No one ever wants to throw their money throughout the window to hire a useless person. Watch all staffs in the company, see the way they work and how efficient it is. If you find everything just lies in a low level or their bad attitude at work, let say goodbye to them.

5. Love complaining

Only complete the tasks at the medium standard, but never miss the complaint about the job or salary. Backbite their boss about what they have been commented is a special hobby.

6. “I promise”


Like polishing themselves, energetic in getting the job and always guaranteed the job done at the highest level whenever the boss is around, but in fact, sluggish, unwilling to work, delay the deadlines and work with the low performance are this kind of employees who should not stay in the company.

Above is only 6 in a hundred characteristics of the typical “should be dismissed” employees. Observe carefully, tight management, hold everything in your hand and especially a good employer need to be decisive in firing staffs

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