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Importance of CRM for companies today (p2)

admin July 04, 2022

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Roles and benefits of CRM

Improve the bottom line in the companies

The proven CRM platform is a solution that generates good results and optimizes key points in a company's business, including:

+) Top conversions increased by 30%.

+) Sales increase 30%.

+) Sales of products increased in price by 35%.

+) Customer satisfaction increased by 35%.

+) Decisions made quickly increased by 38%.

+) Revenue increased by 25%.

Importance of CRM for companies today (p2)

Identify and segment customers

CRM system plays a role in helping businesses identify and track the purchasing process of potential customers, automatically segmenting customers correctly. By focusing on the right customers, salespeople can prioritize opportunities that will close deals and market to leads and turn them into quality leads.

With complete, accurate, organized, customer-centric information, sales and marketing teams can focus their attention and energy on the right customers.

Customer retention

According to some studies, loyal customers spend up to 33% more than new customers. Therefore, businesses need to come up with solutions to retain old customers. It is easy for businesses to carry out cross-selling or up-selling activities with loyal customers.

With the ability to optimize and automate marketing, sales and customer care activities, companies will be able to offer activities to maintain close relationships with customers more effectively such as building care emails, take care of customers, handle requests and complaints from customers, etc. From there, the company provides the best services to customers and satisfies them.

Provide effective customer support services

Customers today expect quick support and interact with the store at any time. CRM will help businesses provide high quality services, meeting all the needs of customers. The company can offer reasonable products and services, optimize customer experience based on the information they leave. Thus, customers will have a better impression of the companies, and stick with the company.

Importance of CRM for companies today (p2)

Improve products and services

A good CRM system will collect information from a wide variety of sources across your business and beyond. This will give you unprecedented insights into how your customers feel and what they say about your organization so you can improve what your organization is offering and spot problems early and identify vulnerabilities.

Save time with workflow automation

Managing sales activities is always extremely time-consuming when done manually, but with CRM software, companies can automatically record calls and emails between brands and customers. From there, it helps to reduce pressure and time for management, instead, brands and companies can use this time to take better care of customers, improve product quality and improve customer satisfaction.

Optimize customer personalization

Delivering a personalized experience will help you ensure you better attract and retain customers. With CRM software, brands do not need to spend a lot of time sorting and organizing customer contact information. CRM software often uses an auto-fill system that automatically fills and personalizes the emails of potential customers and categorizes that data into established groups.


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