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The Importance Of Pep Talk In Workplace And How To Use It Well

admin October 05, 2016

A leader always shows his care to his co-workers. He also knows when his team need some boost and inspiration as well as motivation. Using pep talk is one of the best ways to do it.

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The Importance Of Pep Talk In Workplace  And How To Use It Well


It’s a strong, encouraging, emotional talk, as to a person or group, intended to arouse enthusiasm, and increase determination to move forward to succeed.

What is the benefit of Pep Talk?


Pep talks with employees can encourage a boost in morale, refocus everyone on company goals and help to rebuild a team. In some cases, alleviate group concerns about possible layoffs or other issues can be helped.


The Importance Of Pep Talk In Workplace  And How To Use It Well


Whatever the objective is, a successful pep talk with colleagues must be set in the right atmosphere, at the right time and with the right message.

Step 1: Choose the time:

Monday is good because it gives the workers a great start for a new week. When the employees get started well, they will have an excellence week of working. Friday is also a good choice, as it allows them to go home, think about what was said and put it into action for the next week. However, be careful with the pep talk on Friday! If it is not done effectively, it will ruin the weekend, and the following week.

Step 2: Prepare:

You should make a list of key points you wish to discuss. They should focus on the specific issue at hand or simply it is just about how you can motivate your team. The list should provide three to five points to be addressed during the pep talk.

Step 3: Open the meeting for discussion:

To begin with, you should start the meeting with an inspirational quote to connect the audience.

Then, praising staff members to show that you recognize employees working hard for your company is a really good move. After offering your appreciation and reminding everybody of their value to the company and to each other as a team, it’s time to go over the items on your list.

When discussing, you should encourage your co-workers to find the solutions and work it out together as well as ask them for further suggestions on improving morale, productivity or the team. The ideas given should be written down for future examination and implementation.

During your talk, you should use more inspirational quotes about careers and life that can motivate your team. You also include these sayings on a handout so staffers can read it during stressful times at work.

Step 4: Ask for feedback:

Having a pep talk is good but it’s not great if you don’t know how it affects your colleagues and if they like it or not. Sometimes, you should send an email or message to each participant encouraging him or her to tell you about the pep talk. Request specifics about how they feel, and incorporate each participant's response into planning your next pep talk.

Step 5: Give direction:

Besides, in the pep talk, if you set goals for your team, you should not let them do it alone and wait for the result. A good leader would provide resources or necessary guidance to help your team move forward to achieve all goals. It’s also important to give your staff a roadmap to success, increase their optimism that they will hit the mark. Furthermore, to boost your team’s motivation, providing details about any rewards available for your team achieving these goals, such as a party or bonus is highly recommended.

If you feel that your team is lacking energy or not feeling motivated about work, don’t forget to give a pep talk. Done effectively, a pep talk cannot only boost morale and steer team members in the right direction, but it also can uplift and encourage employees to do their best at work.


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