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How to successfully build a process to maximize individual capacity and link departments effectively?

admin July 13, 2022

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Challenge in the new normal

With rapid change and many events occurring, we need to accelerate our development to keep up with the speed of change as well as respond to sudden changes.

What should we pay attention to in order to meet the above conditions? It is “How do we work smarter and more efficiently?”

From Mr. Vu's point of view, the work needs to be clearly responsible, this is the top factor. In the process of working, the necessary information and data must be provided fully, this creates the opportunity for the person undertaking the assigned work to the best of their ability.

In order for the job to be completed in the best way, it is necessary to have a specific and clear process so that everyone can cooperate, support and interact with each other to make the work go more smoothly. In particular, the support comes on time, timely and from experienced people will maximize the time the job is completed.

The final factor to help the work be completed quickly, efficiently, in the least amount of time and to the fullest extent lies in the decision-making of the superiors, paying attention to limit the change in the middle to the maximum extent, possible to avoid interruption of work or worse, to redo the whole thing from scratch.

We live in a society that is both a challenge and an opportunity for us to prove that we are capable of taking on any challenge.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Vu also gave the general situation of the market as expanding scale, recruiting more people - increasing resources. This means that the workload will increase, and the pressure will increase, conflict issues will inevitably arise more and it will take us more time to resolve them.

How to successfully build a process to maximize individual capacity and link departments effectively?

Personal performance improvement process

Measure and evaluate personal performance

For the personal performance improvement process that takes place over a long period of time with a clear measurement system, from that system we can see the problem and make the most convincing assessments.

AI software has made it easier to measure and evaluate governance performance. Furthermore, these measurement systems will provide employee-theory numbers rather than through a subjective assessment of a person. Thereby, creating fairness and fairness in the relationship between enterprises and employees.

When it comes to measurement and evaluation, which criteria are appropriate and should be considered and which are not necessary when it comes to capacity assessment.

Mr. Vu affirmed, we must distinguish these two "necessary and non-necessary" factors so as not to get lost in the criteria and not spend too much time on screening this indicator.

Digital technology plays an important role and it has greatly helped businesses in measuring and evaluating a person's work performance. By saving the work items, processes, ways of thinking in work and life. Technology has given us the most accurate numbers so that we can assess the capacity of employees.

Enhance personal capacity

When the growth goal entails increased pressure, if the enterprise does not focus on improving the team's capacity, it will be difficult for employees to continue to meet the future goals of the enterprise.

Mr. Vu shared “Work will always have problems to solve, if you find a way to solve the problem, you will improve your capacity, if you are trained to improve your capacity, you can improve your skills. improve problem solving.”

“Measure – Improve – Learn” is a circle of mutual interaction and it is our responsibility to find the intersections that connect them so that the 3 factors support each other to promote the ultimate goal of improving, increase their own capacity.

The biggest challenge here for businesses is to focus on capacity building, but forgetting the training factor to improve capacity is ultimately ineffective.

The solution to this problem is the right process that coordinates the balance between focus to improve capacity and focus to improve efficiency.

This process is done as follows:

+ Training based on the problem of obstruction

+ Build loss prevention and problem solving exercises.

+ Practice on real case studies/projects to help employees experience.

+ Apply lessons and practice available.

How to successfully build a process to maximize individual capacity and link departments effectively?

Improve company-wide efficiency through communication process

Make synchronous and accurate communication plans so that the internal can understand, limit misunderstandings to help people understand the company's direction. From there, synchronism and understanding can be formed in the organization to increase the ability to connect, understand and coordinate, thereby improving the efficiency of the entire company.

Next, to build an effective culture, employees must understand the essence of the company's culture (working style, demeanor, decision-making and problem-solving ...)

Build a solution-focused work culture so that everyone is responsible for their decisions and proposals, thereby improving their own capabilities. Thus, this is a two-way interaction between efficiency and work culture that will form an effective culture.

Rapid growth

Putting the central issue, the process of rearranging the entire company process system, is suitable, optimized, and automated for each company. From there, transform this process system into a unified platform. Next, build a self-evolution mechanism of the digital-based process system to respond to the change of the environment and the development of the company.

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