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“Job rotation” – A cheap and useful recruitment method

admin September 21, 2015

Working at the same spot and doing the same mission every day will make even the best employees feel bored, discourage and decide to lay off. Many experts in Human resources indicated that employee rotation is one of the best solutions to restart your staffs' motivation, improve their knowledge about work process in the company and make them feel more engaged, excited at work.

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Job rotation is seen as a high-efficiency HR management strategy when it generates a creative work environment, motivate key employees and prevent them from quitting idea. The suitable time duration to move employee position is every 2 years which is enough to gain an amount of certain experience to take charge of the new job.

Where to start

This may sound easy but if you do not have a properly plan and a careful consideration, it will definitely fall apart. The rotation could be applied and brings benefit for every business, just start with a clear and detail guidelines: time for training, who will be rotated, etc. Training will cost you a certain time but don’t worry, the benefits can far overcome the expense.


Job-rotation- A-cheap-and-a-useful-recruitment-method


The benefits of Job Rotation

1. Explore the hidden talent in your company: Obviously this strategy is designed to have the chance to discover the potential abilities in each employee. If you give them an opportunity to explore themselves and your company, too, they will identify what is their strengths and weakness and what is the right position for them.




2. Motivate employees with new challenges: When a person takes responsibility for a new role for the first time, it just like he now is a new employee in the company. He will try his best to prove the capacity, desire the new knowledge and conquer the obstacles coming his way. After a long time, when employees do not feel any excitement about their job at all, they will try to find a new interesting job. The rotation will reduce the chance losing your talent, simultaneously decrease the risk of turning them into a machine who only know how to do a single job.




3. Help align competencies with requirements: If employees are taken into a new position, these people often have very many creative ideas, and as a result, your company already owns a priceless inspiration by placing workers at a place where their skills, competencies and caliber are used to the highest possible extent. In most businesses, this program always brings long-term success for the company. And make sure that your employees understand the job and easily accept new duties in any other department of your company.

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