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5 things your employees are not telling you

admin June 02, 2015

According to management derailment studies, 50% of today’s managers fail, 55% of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, which is a record high. Another sad truth is that employees hate their boss is the Number 1 reason. Maybe you don't know it because they never frankly talk to you.

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Belows are the most common things your employees are hiding you:

1. I am looking for a new job

Do not surprise when you receive a resign letter. It's totally not an outbreak action but had been prepared and careful thought for a while. They just haven't told you yet. There was a reason (or reasons) the employee started looking for a new position. The secret to retain your staff is figure out the boredom, dissatisfaction from the beginning before they turn to be irreversible.


2. I'm not busy as you think

Rarely any employees will ask their boss for more work. Most of them somehow will find stuff to fill up 8 hours per day and justify them as important. As an employer, it depends on you to make sure your employees are challenged, productive and engaged in high priority, value-added work.

3. Don’t micromanage me

If you think I can’t or won’t do the job correctly, change to someone else, rather than pick apart everything I do – let me take pride in my work, my work is also important and appreciated.


4. Sometimes, we have a better solution

Managers have to make many decisions in one day. Some choices require counsel from employees; some are solo choices. Being trained as a professional leader, you may think that your decisions are correct, no need to argue. However, making isolated decisions may create some negative influence. Your team works more connected to the products and processes. Listening to their ideas not only bring you a multifaceted perspective but also make them feel the importance of themselves.

5. Respect our down time, for your sake


That's nice that you're an entrepreneur, you can do your job 24/7 but for me it's just an 8-hour job. Don’t bless me a preach work life balance when you truly don’t believe in it–It's not my fault just because I can accomplish my job in eight hours when others must work 10-12 hours to get anything done. I don't want to pretend that I'm too busy and need "overtime" with an expectation that I am on call 24/7.

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